Being stuck in a hair dilemma can be frustrating. The best way to change it up a bit is by changing the color. Something new and different is always a fun way to check out the latest hair color and hair techniques. There are many different styles and colors to choose from, so let us give you some new ideas!

Highlights: Highlights are sections of hair colored lighter than your natural shade. They are used to give your hair some dynamic features and can even slim down your face.

Balyage: Balyage actually is a french term meaning to “sweep or paint”. During this service, the stylist will paint either bleach or hair color on just the surface of the hair. It does not saturate the entire hair piece with color. The result is a soft and natural sun kissed look.

Fluid Hair Painting: This is similar to the balyage however the difference is when being applied, your head is leaned back against a table with the hair fanned out. The stylist will have more control over the look of your hair. The end result looking like a fantasy mermaid.

Ombre: With this technique, the root hair color fades into a much lighter color at the ends.

Sombre: This technique is also known as the softer sister of the ombre. There is a lower contrast between the hair and the roots. Dark shade at the roots fades into a different color at the ends for a more seamless blend.

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