Vidal Sassoon: Honoring a Legend
unnamedAsk any hairdresser who is Vidal Sassoon and most of them will tell you “he’s a legend.”  He inspired so many with his vision and talent.  He is the Johnny Cash of hair.  I don’t know anyone in this industry who hasn’t heard of Vidal and his 5 point cut.  Our very own Rick Jaramillo, owner and stylist at La Mode Salon in Murrieta and Menifee, has this cut tattooed on his forearm.  Rick and Linda, also owner and stylist at both Murrieta and Menifee salons, are Vidal Sassoon trained. I want you to forget for a minute what you know about the Vidal Sassoon brand you see everywhere these days.  That is not Vidal Sassoon.  Vidal was an artist, a visionary, a creator, a teacher.  He cared about his work and had a passion for it.  He always said he didn’t want to be “just another hairdresser.”  Vidal always said "If I was going to be in hairdressing, I wanted to change things. I wanted to eliminate the superfluous and get down to the basic angles of cut and shape.”  And that he did. Vidal Sassoon started out in London, opening his first salon in 1954.  He then moved to the states and shortly after opened his first salon on Madison Ave. in New York.  In 1973, Sassoon's brand was carried over to shampoos and conditioners sold world wide.  Other Sassoon colleagues bought his salons and acquired the use of his name, extending the brand out all over the United States and United Kingdom. So Vidal Sassoon accomplished what he set out to do…change the hair styling industry.  Sassoon was also a huge philanthropist, always giving back to the community.  He created the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism, a research centre devoted to the non-political, interdisciplinary gathering of information about antisemitism.   He was also involved with the Boys Club of America, and the Performing Arts Council of the Music Center of Los Angeles.  He was also involved in the relief efforts of Hurricane Katrina. Vidal Sassoon passed away on May 9, 2012 at his home in Bel Air, CA.  He was surrounded by his family. This week, take a moment to remember this legend.  Do some research and learn more about him and what the real Vidal was all about.  Thank you Vidal Sassoon for being an inspiration and a role model to all of us at La Mode Salon Murrieta and Menifee. Our very own hairstylist Jax Owens with Vidal Sassoon