All products are simple to use. Just rub a dab of product between palms, then distribute evenly through nearly dry hair and style.There are a few different kinds. Sumotech-mid-weight molding compound that’s a combination of all three. It gives a pliable texture with a low-shine finish. This killer combination gives Sumotech versatility and works well for all hair types: short, fine, textured, and anything in between. Sumoclay is perfect for the guy looking for a no-shine, natural, soft hold. This matte, lightweight clay gives hair texture and workable hold for a bulked-up, broken-in look. Creates a roughed-up, matte texture. Semisumo is a high-shine pomade that controls frizz, creates definition and gives subtle hold for elegant, polished looks. Great for medium to coarse hair. Finishes styles that need elegance and polish – or drama and shine. Sumogel is a hi-hold, clear gel sold that creates clean styles with shine – and zero flakes or crunch. Just a small amount of product is easy to shape and style while providing enough hold to get you through the whole day. Sculpts slick, sleek looks. Sumowax is best for those wanting strong hold and a bit of natural sheen. This traditional hard wax gives strong hold, separation and detailed definition. Plays best with dry hair. Holds glossy, structured styles of all shapes and sizes.

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