The Cost of Services vs. Continued Education in Salons
la-mode-salonWe get asked at least once a week why our “prices are so high?” And our answer is always the same, “because our stylists are on top of their education.” You’re not paying $60 for a haircut by someone who just graduated beauty school and is now behind a chair. Our stylists have all been through extensive training not only before they joined our salon, but especially since joining our salon. Rick and Linda believe in staying on top of the latest trends and regularly bring in educators as well as fellow stylist to teach our staff the latest and greatest in hair. You can rest assured that all of our stylists, new and old, are very much worth the prices we charge for our services. There is a difference between a high end salon and those “quick cut chains.” You can pay $20 for a haircut and walk out in 15 minutes with your hair still wet. But, is it going to look the same when you get home and style it yourself? It is going to lay just like the picture you showed the stylist? Probably not. And it’s not to say the stylist didn’t do a good job, she probably did. It’s that hair doesn’t lay the same when it is dry as when it is wet. Therefore, no matter how light it feels and how great it looks wet, once you style it, chances are, it will be heavy on some sides, and chunky in others. You may have a line you don’t want to see! When you get a haircut with one of our stylists, you are getting the full treatment. You come in, have a consultation, come up with the desired cut and style, then you are taken to the shampoo bowl and given an invigorating scalp massage. Once you are done at the shampoo bowl, you are taken back to the station, where you will have the appropriate products applied to your hair, the cut will commence. After the cut is completed, you will get a blow-dry style fit for a celebrity. Finally, our stylist will go through and dry cut and perfect your haircut. All the while, getting educated on the best product for your hair type, tips on how to style and wear your hair, and be left looking and feeling like a million bucks. That right there, is the difference between a $20 haircut and a $60 haircut. The education behind the stylist and the service that comes with her. We pride ourselves in being the best at what we. We attend classes on a regular basis, we practice our craft, we eat, breathe, and sleep hair. WE love what we do. So the next time you are wondering why it is so much more to get your hair done at a high end salon, think of what that stylist does on her day off. Is she at the beach relaxing with her friends? Or is she taking a class so she can better her skills? Thank you for reading our blog! Please share it with your fiends and come see us at either of our locations. 25155 Madison Ave Suite 103 Murrieta CA 92562 951-600-1700 30100 Haun Rd Suite 250 Menifee CA 92584 951-679-7276