Spring Styles
One of the most popular hair styles right now is beachy, effortless waves. Here at La mode Salon in Murrieta we have perfected the steps into creating long lasting beautiful waves. Loose, sexy waves can be a quick, at home style for you this spring as well. It all begins with the products you use. Shampoo, conditioner and styling products all play a part in the way your hair moves and cooperates. Ask your stylists what shampoo and conditioner regimen work best for your specific needs. A heat protectant is also a must. Healthy hair is beautiful hair. If you want those effortless, natural looking waves your hair must be soft and healthy to flow “effortlessly”. One of our favorite products for beach looking curls is Unite Beach Day Texturizing spray. You can spray this on your hair damp, and scrunch in with hands then either air dry our diffuse. This spray has natural sea salt that will help create tousled looking waves. The beach day texturizer can also be sprayed on dry hair after curled with a curling iron to help separate curls and create a fuller looking style. It is an excellent product to use on day old curls as well to refresh the style. To create these waves, a curling wand size 1 inch -1.5 inch width works very well. Curling section by section with small amounts of hair, is a good way to create a consistent style. Curling the sections of hairline around the face in a direction away from the face helps give a more tousled effect. After curling the entire head, spray your Unite Beach Day Texturizer and tousle the curls with your hands. Finish the style with Unite Max Control Strong Hold Hairspray. Come into our salon to purchase your Unite Styling products or create an appointment for how-to style hands on appointment. The photos below show Stylist Assistant April, curling Rick Jamarillo’s client after color service. She is using a Hot Tools brand curling wand. unnamed image002 (1)