Sexy Summer Hair With BB Surf Stylers
make-wavesThe heat has hit Murrieta and it’s starting to feel like summer is coming! While spending this summer at the beach and river its important to make sure your hair is till on point! La Mode Salon and Bumble and Bumble have got you covered! You can enjoy the water this summer but still have sexy hair! Our number one go to summer spray is the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray! It is a salt infused spray that works best on fine to medium hair. This spray will add body, texture, light hold, and a matte finish. Apply spray on damp or dry hair. Style looks best if air dryed or diffused. Therefore, it’s a great product to keep iin your purse this summer! If your hair gets wet when you’re out by the pool just spray some surf spray in and get a textured style as it dries! Another one of our summer styling best sellers is the Bundle and Bumble Surf Infusion! It is formulated with an amazing blend of sea salt an tropical oils that leave the hair textured and soft! Similar to the surf spray, the Surf Insufion gives texture and body but with a softer approach. The key ingredient includes coconut oil, mango seed, passion fruit, and palm oils that help condition and soften each strand. This helps give a softer, touchable wave. with a satin finish Keep this as a go to this summer to help create style and also condition your hair after its been drying in the sun all day! Before use, shake the bottle to evenly distribute the tropical oil blend then spray evenly on damp or dry hair. Another product perfect for summer locks is the all new Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry! This product works great when you blow dry style but still want that full, sexy summer wave. It is formulated with all light weight mousse and a light grit sea salt spray. The combination of the two makes for big, beachy texture waves with a satin polished look. It is infused with many tropical oils to leave it shiny and soft. In addition to the silky blend of oils the mousse also has uv protectant to keep your hair moisturized even when your in the sun all day! Make (tidal) waves from the Bumble ad Bumble website! Use the link listed to watch top Bumble and Bumble stylist create beachy waves and styles using the Surf Line!