Say Goodbye to thin flat hair!
thick-hairMore and more women are having issues with flat, fine hair that lacks volume and bounce. La Mode Murrieta hair salon has all of the tips and tricks to give hair long lasting volume. It all starts with product! Bumble and Bumble Thickening Line helps transform fine, flat hair into full and moveable hair. Try starting with the BB Thickening Shampoo and BB Thickening Conditioner to cleanse and moisturize hair in shower. After the wash, blow-drying is a very important step in creating voluminous locks. A round brush, sectioning clip, and blow dryer are necessary tools to keep in your bathroom. Before beginning the blow dry towel dry your hair thoroughly. Then apply BB thickening Full Form Mousse to the hair. This mousse will inflate the hair and create a root lift and full-bodied silhouette when heat is applied. Next, you will want to begin blow-drying your hair in individual small sections. It is important to take small sections so the heat can reach every hair strand and work through the product. A round brush will work best because the shape of the brush can help create a curve or lift at the root. Also, to ensure longevity of root lift, ensure hair is 100% dry. If the hair is still slightly damp the product and style will soften faster. Keeping a strong tension on round brush will also help create a fuller look. To help create strong root lift, when drying over direct the hair to the opposite side you want it to lay. For example, if you want the back crown section to have a lot of fullness, when blow-drying pull the brush and hair toward the front of the head, this will create pull and tension at the root so when the hair lays back down the root will lift up. After your full voluminous style is created you want to hair spray to give a longer lasting result. BB thickening hairsprays works great and provides a good hold for all hair types. After you’ve slept on your hair, it can look flat and thin the next morning. To create fast fuller looks use the BB Dryspun Finish Spray. The spray is a dry spray designed to add instant fullness and texture to hair. Shake the can well, and then hold about ten inches away from hair and spray. This can help recreate fuller looks and is very lightweight. Stop by La Mode Salon in Murrieta for you hair care products or a step by step styling lesson!