Recreate the Look
image1 (1)Do you wish you could recreate your salon style the next day at home? Well keep reading, because I’m going to tell you how you can. Bumble and Bumble came out with a great product called Dryspun. This stuff is great! I recommend you style your hair with Prep and Thickening Spray. Prep will hydrate and condition the hair as well as fill in any gaps on the hair shaft evening out the porosity so that the Thickening Spray will adhere better and evenly. Then blow dry completely. No need to use a brush but make sure it is detangled before the next step. Now get your thick curling iron (depending on the length, use a 1.5” iron or bigger) Grab 2” sections and curl away from the face alternating towards the face. This will create a fuller wavy look. When you are all done, flip your head upside down and spray dry spun all over. Flip hair back and use Does It All hairspray to finish the style. The next day, use Dryspun to freshen up the curls. Use your fingers to comb the hair. Use Does it All again to finish the look. If you ever feel that you have used too much of any Bumble and Bumble product, simply use Prep to break up where it feels like there is too much product and continue to style your hair. La Mode Salon has two beautiful locations to serve you. Our Menifee Salon is located at 30010 Haun Road next to Starbucks (951) 679-7276 Our Murrieta location is at 25155 Madison Ave next to 360 Tan (951) 600-1700