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Maybe She’s born with it. Maybe it’s Dry Shampoo.

Every girl knows the struggle of washing and drying your hair. Sometimes it can be an extreme annoyance and burden on our lives. The best invention when it comes to not wanting to wash your hair is Dry Shampoo, but not all Dry Shampoos take care of the annoyance sometimes they just make it worse. Well thankfully Bumble and Bumble have created an amazing product that works and helps keep the hair healthy with an UV protectant. It is called the Pret-A-Powder Dry Shampoo; they have two different kinds depending on what type of hair you have.

Pret-A-Powder (Nourishing) Dry Shampoo: Mostly used on thick course hair that is dry and that has been damaged. It adds moisture throughout the hair to the ends while giving it a clean feeling.

Pret-A-Powder Invisible Dry Shampoo: Mostly used on light to medium density hair that tends to get really oily. The dry shampoo helps absorb the oils while giving the hair volume and texture.

Directions: Hold the can 10-12 inches away from dry hair and apply. Use fingers or a brush to distribute from roots to ends-for a lightly scented just washed feeling. UV filters will help protect hair from the drying effects that the Sun can cause.

La Mode Salon has this product in a travel size and full size. Come grab one and fall in love!

Bumble & Bumble is dedicated to the craft of hairdressing. The products were developed so hairdressers and clients could mix and layer to produce a limitless range of hair effects. Editorial high performance products for modern day wear.
We are proud to carry UNITE. A boutique line of haircare products you’ll find only at the very best salons. The research and testing that went into this product is considerable and it shows.
Wella is the best hair color in the industry. Their color line allows our stylists to give clients the optimum results they are wishing for.
Healing Your Hair And Scalp With Davines Natural Tech. When it comes to nourishing and health distressed or inflamed hair and scalp, these powerful hair care products from Davines are just what the doctor ordered. For treating hair that’s been overexposed to salon treatments or the sun, to the scalp afflicted with dandruff, this array of healthful hair care products has no equal. The many naturally derived ingredients are your assurance that your hair will be healthier than ever, just the way nature intended it to be.
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Ibiza brushes have gained the attention of all the celebrity hairstylists and not without reason. These natural boar bristle round brushes are excellent for smoothing hair and adding that bounce to every strand.
The Latest Technologies Combined to Create the Most Advanced Professional Hair Brush: Olivia Garden’s Nanothermic Round Thermal Brush. It heats up faster & retains heat longer which provides superior and long-lasting hairstyles. Tourmaline Ion Technology adds more shine to the hair and eliminates frizz & flyaways.

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