On the Road
image1This week I am on a little road trip. Just me, myself, and I. I’d like to share with you what I’m bringing with me to style my hair for the next few days. I am a huge Bumble and Bumble fan. I love that they have a wide selection of products. They have everything for all sorts of hair types and styles. Weather you have fine hair or thick hair, they have a product to help bring out the best in your hair. I have thick, wavy hair and I love to use these products to style it…Prep, Blow Out Repair with Blow Out Straight, and Hairdressers Oil. I have never had my hair smoother and silkier than when I use these products together. Absolutely love this cocktail. I start by using prep everywhere. Then I cocktail Repair and Straight (Not a lot either, just a quarter size total) with a pump of Hairdressers Oil, then I comb my hair to make sure it spread out evenly. I blow dry the majority of the moisture out, then, using a boar bristle brush, I blow dry it in sections. When I’m done, I finish it off with 2 pumps of Hairdressers Oil for added shine. The next day, if I need to refresh the look, I use Prep all over (not to soak the hair, just give it a little moisture, then rough dry it and use the brush wherever there are kinks from sleeping. Easy and gorgeous and ready to go. What’s your favorite Bumble and Bumble cocktail? Email me and let me know! La Mode Salon has two beautiful locations to serve you. Our Menifee Salon is located at 30010 Haun Road next to Starbucks (951) 679-7276 Our Murrieta location is at 25155 Madison Ave next to 360 Tan (951) 600-1700