At our Murrieta hair salon, our stylist serve many male clients. We offer a wide variety of mens hair products. One of our favorites is Layrite. Layrite creates fine mens grooming products. The creators of Layrite opened up a barber shop in 1999, They created a shop with a vintage feel and wanted to make clients feel as if they transported back to the 1940s. After years of owning a successful business the barbers decided they wanted to create a unique pomade that didn't have a heavy grease feel. They wanted a specific formula that would have strong hold but would wash out very easily. About ten years later, they designed the first, original Layrite Pomade. Their product line is water soluble and washes out very easily. The lines contains products that not only cater to vintage, classic mens styles but also is utilized in more modern mens styles. The linen has, strong hold pomade, medium hold pomade, cement, matte cream, and super shine cream. Their are products for every hair texture, style and clients needs. Here at La Mode we use Layrite with many of our clients and are passionate about the company. Schedule your hair cut now, for customized style and a lesson on how to use Layrite products at home.