I’m a Clown Duh!
Halloween is one of those holidays that can either be exciting or a struggle. Finding the perfect costume that you want to wear can be a challenge. There are so many options and not enough time. Some people spend the whole year planning the perfect costume. Some people are last minute costume hunters that can not decide what they want to wear and how they want to do their costume make, which is understandable your mind is focused on other things. Well for our last minute costume hunters we have a costume idea for you thanks to our stylist Jodi. Jodi is a makeup artist and a hairstylist; you can pretty much call her an entrepreneur. Thanks to her she has given us a costume idea for our clients and online readers that are the last minute Halloween costume planners. She has created a simple clown look that is real easy to do. When doing the clown makeup you do not need to go extreme for it and that is the beauty of this costume, you can do a Smokey eye or if you are feeling spontaneous you can incorporate different colors in your eye shadow or lipstick. Now for the hair, you can do your hair whichever way you would like whether it is straight or curly. La Mode Salon has many different products that will help define your hair and give your costume more character. If you are looking to do your hair just like the picture, here are a few products we recommend getting.
  • Sumowax: It is a strong hold hair crème and it will help keep the fly always down and give the look a polished look.
  • Unite Liquid volume or dust: This product will help give the hair volume and definition.
  • Bumble and Bumble Strong Finish Hairspray: This product will give the hair a strong hold and will help keep your hair intact.
Stop by if you need any of our products to help complete your final look and Happy Halloween to our clients and online readers!