Hair Trends You Should Try This Summer
Remember spending an eternity trying to hide those pesky bobbi pins that seemed like they were on a mission to poke out of your hairstyle? Well, set the free and show them off! You no longer need to hide these little helpers from the world. Weather you are wearing a fancy up do or an everyday style, exposed bobbi pins are ok. So quit fighting them and enjoy your day! Bangs. Love them or hate them. Cut them too short and it seems like an eternity before they are the right length. Too long and they get in your way. The latest look though? Eyelash-skimming bangs. A 70’s inspired length, it’s cheaper and less permanent than botox. Messy parts are in! Throw out your combs and let your hair fall in a natural, laid back style. Braids! If you have read our blog before, you know they are all the rage. They can be the main focus or thrown in to add a little something to any hairdo. Braid your bangs to one side and do a messy bun or pony tail, grab your keys and head out the door. Do an elaborate braid and throw to one side, or make a messy single braid with your long bangs out. Get creative and have fun with your hair, whatever the style you choose! Until next time… La Mode Salon has two locations to serve you, Menifee and Murrieta. Our Menifee salon is located at 30010 Haun Rd Suite 250, Menifee CA 951-679-7276 Our Murrieta location is 25155 Madison ave #103, Murrieta CA 951-600-1700