Hair Trends For Spring And Summer 2015

Goodbye bobs, a lines, and lobs!

Hello long, flowing, and soft waves!! image2Time to grow out those bobs and lobs ladies. Long flowing hair is back with a vengeance! Not sure how to style your hair in those beachy waves? Follow these easy steps… Spray dry hair with a thermal protecting spray (We recommend Bumble and Bumble Thickening hairspray on the roots and Bumble and Bumble Styling lotion on the mid shaft and ends) Part hair down the middle and blow dry. Once hair is dry, grab a 2 inch section of your hair and use your curling iron (1.5” or larger, depending on your hair length) to curl hair away from your face. Start at the mid shaft and curl your way down to the ends. The ends are the dryer part of your hair and need less heat. Always curl top to bottom, never ends to top. Continue this all around your head till you reach the back. Then do the other side. Finish the look off with a soft hold hairspray (Try Bumble and Bumble Does It All) You can find the products mentioned above in our Murrieta salon located at 25155 Madison Ave. Murrieta 92562 Call 951-600-1700 to schedule a consultation or appointment for your next service.