Gray Hair Is In
I’m sure you have noticed a lot of women walking around with gray hair these days. And it probably, if done right, looks great! You may be thinking, “I have spend so many years covering up my grays and now it is popular to have gray hair?” YES! You may remember Nicole Richie sporting the look a few years ago. You could say she started the trend although it seems to have taken so time to really catch on. When done right, the look can be not just cool and fun, but glamourous. You can have it look more natural with a little shading and darkness at the root or you can get a little more wild and add some cool tones to it like a blue or purple. Either way, make it your own with the help of your stylist. Now if you are naturally 60% gray or more, this may be a great way to help you grow out your hair color and embrace the gray. Have your stylist do some lowlights or highlights instead of a solid color in order to blend your grays to the color you are doing now. (For example, if you are covering your gray roots with a brown, have your stylist do lowlights instead of a solid color to help the growing out process. If you are covering your gray with a blonde color, have your stylist do highlights and tone them closer to your gray color, typically a cooler blonde vs. a golden shade.) Have fun with this new trend and make it match your fabulous style. Whether you are a rock and roll chic or a business professional, this look can be a great addition to your style. Schedule your consultation today with one of our stylists at either of our locations. Our Murrieta salon is located at 25155 Madison Ave #103 Murrieta 92562 Tel: 951-677-1700 Our Menifee salon is located at 30010 Haun Rd. #250 Menifee 92584 Tel: 951-679-7276