Festival Hair
Who is going to any music festivals this year? Here at La Mode Salon many of our clients are talking about upcoming music festivals. The most common topics are hair and outfits. When it comes to hair, we’ve got you covered. We’ve studied festival hair style trends and come up with two styles that will be quick, easy and fashionable. Braids and Buns. At most festivals it can be hot. So incredibly hot that nobody wants to leave their hair down. But it’s still important to have a trendy style. Instead of throwing your hair up in a quick pony; here is a step by step for an easy bun style. Step 1: Part your hair down the middle from your front hair line all the way back to your neck Step 2: Take a curved parting from the left side of the hair line to the right side, leaving the front section of your hair in your face. Clip this to the side for use later. Step 3: Take the left side of the hair (from original middle part), brush it up into a high section and begin to twist the hair in circle until it forms a bun. Pin it for security. Step 4: repeat to other side Step 5: Take the front section left out, split into a middle part. Begin on one side and braid the hair, then pull it back and secure it to one bun with bobby pins. Repeat to other side. Step 6: Spray Bumble and Bumble Spray De Mode hairspray for an all day lasting, flexible style * Step two may be replaced with a French braid into the buns for a more difficult application Day two hair style : At most festivals, camping is an option. Who has time to shampoo and blow dry at weekend like this? Heres another quick style to keep your hair in trend but not spend your whole morning trying to style it Step 1: Use Bumble and Bumble pret a powder dry shampoo to absorb any oils from previous days and give your roots som volume Step 2: Pull your hair all to one side Step 3: Begin to twist the hair and start tight braiding, once you’ve braided for a couple inches secure a pony tail around the bottom portion of the braid Step 4: Repeat 1-3 more times depending on the length of your hair Step 5: After all braiding is complete, pull on each braid slightly to create a loose, effortless look Step 6: Use your favorite feather, flower, or beadwork as an accessory to pin in your braid. Step 7: Secure with Bumble and Bumble Spray De Mode Hairspray for a long lasting flexible hold The most valuable products for a music festival such as stagecoach or Coachella are hair spray and dry shampoo! We have both products here at La Mode Salon in Murrieta. Stop by and pick up some of your festival essentials! festivalfestival-3