Dreamcatchers Hair Extensions
Over 40 million women in the US alone have thinning hair. The quick fix: hair extensions! Dreamcatchers are no ordinary hair extensions. Made of the finest hair, they can be styled, permed, and colored - allowing you to treat them exactly as you would your own natural hair. Why get a system that uses glues or waxes which will only cause more damage? Dreamcatchers have a breakthrough in hair technology that will truly amaze you. Best of all the hair is of such elite quality that dreamcatchers can be used over and over again. With their Micro-cylinder™ technology, the process of adding hair is  clean, easy and non-damaging. The system is incredibly simple and efficient.  Your own hair and extensions will look and feel amazing, healthy and gorgeous. Dreamcatchers will enable you to transform your appearance of fine, lifeless hair into thick, beautiful hair. Or go from short to long, or even add some highlights. If you want amazing looking hair, treat yourself and get dreamcatchers - the world's best hair extensions. Our Hair Extension Specialist, Marcell Vannimwegen, is an educator for Dreamcatchers and travels all over the the US to train other stylists on how to use the system. If you would like to book your hair extensions service with Marcell, please give her a call at (602) 999-7213