Does Your Hair Need Protein or Moisture?
One thing any girl can relate to is struggling to find exactly what your hair needs when it comes to hair care. The biggest question is do I need more moisture or do I need to add protein into my hair? There are so many products out in the world that say how amazing they are and that we should buy them, but are they really good for your hair? The biggest product that most companies are promoting is protein based treatments, but is it actually good for the hair like the companies promote? Yes and No it is good for certain hair types. For example, stringy, limp, or hair that sticks need more protein, which is where the protein based products will help, bring your hair back to life. If your hair becomes dry and feels dead at the ends it could be that your hair has a good protein balance and does not need anymore-additional protein in the hair. If your hair is dry, damaged, tangled, and weak your hair needs more moisture. If you notice that your hair is fragile or it you do the strand test and notice that your hair stretches more than it should and breaks then you need to ditch the moisture and add protein. Both have benefits for the hair but always take a look at your hair and the problematic areas and that will help determine what exactly you would need to treat the problem areas. If you still can not determine what your hair needs are just stop by our salon and we can help you determine what you would need and we have products that will help treat your hair and make it healthy!