Blonding services are always very popular here at La Mode salon. To keep your blonde looking bright and beautiful we recommend the proper at home care and follow up appointments. When blonde hair looks warm, yellow, or gold we use toner hair color to remove any wanted toes after every lightening service. This provides the cool, ashy, bright blonde tones. However, like all hair color toners may fade. To ensure longer lasting blonde tones we recommend using te proper hair care at home. First, Unite Blonda Shampoo has a a purple tone and eliminates warm, yellow tones every time you shampoo. You may follow with the Unite Blonda Conditioner. The conditioner has moisturizing agents and seals the hair cuticle. This helps seal and lock in the violet tone. The conditioner also acts as a thermal protectant to ensure your hot styling tools don't fade your cool tone quickly. In addition to at home care, it is important to schedule follow up appointments. Because your toner will fade over time, in between your regular touch up or highlight appointments you may schedule just toning appointments. That way your blonde color is always looking bright, even between touch up appointments. A Toner service is quick as well. Your appointment would include a shampoo, condition, tone and blowdry style. A toning service is usually done in one hour!

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