Balayage: French Highlighting Technique
Lily Alderidge
Balayage is becoming the most popular hair coloring request in salons today. This is due mostly to the stylish Europeans and of course, the abundance of Hollywood stars that balayage is becoming the next big thing. The technique was invented in the 1970s, but it's only recently has balayage begun to receive major attention. The word 'balayage' means to sweep and is a freehand technique where the stylist are hand painting color mostly to the mid-lengths to ends of the hair. The technique offers a softer, more seamless color that grows out more naturally. It is perfect for those who are looking for something low-maintenance as balayage creates depth and dimension and results in sun-kissed looking hair. Whether you're looking for something soft & subtle or strong & dramatic, balayage (at the hand of a trained colorist) is suitable for almost any look. Balayage looks it's best when it's finished in a beachy, loose curled look or finished with our signature La Mode Blowouts.