Beachy Waves Murrieta

Wouldn’t you love to have tantalizing texture, wicked waves, magnificent movement or curvaceous curls? American Wave is a revolutionary salon service using modern ionic waving lotion and editorial hair setting techniques to create a variety of permanent textures for clients.

Beach Wave: The marrying of straight and wavy textures to create sexy, tousled beach waves.
Style Support: Add volume and texture to hair that lacks life and vitality, creating perfect style
support for blow-dries and hot-tools.
Expanded Curls: Maximize natural texture to create buoyant, resilient curl patterns that are fabulous
and full.

You will first be given a haircut designed specifically for American Wave. If you would like, bring a photo for reference if you have something in mind.

Please take advantage of our special which includes a haircut by one of our artistic directors, shampoo & conditioner and of course the American Wave for $350.

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