Prep Primer gives a Vitamin Boost to healthy, soft hair.

Tonic Primer softens coarse textures.

Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer moisturizes dry, thirsty hair.

Bb Curl Primer Re-energizes all curly hair types.


This new hair craze takes “wild” hair to a new level! and we love it! this look was done by the talented Chloe here at La Mode Salon. If you”re planning on doing any of these looks make sure you speak with a professional first. One small mistake can turn your “FUN” look into a BIG problem. Give us a call and we can set up a consultation with our stylist to make sure you get exactly what you want!!

Unite Get Away Trio Bags

Give your hair the vacation it’s craving with a Getaway sack packed with weightless VOLUME + BODY.
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Wella Professionals FusionPlex

Keep your hair healthy with Wella Professionals FusionPlex. This all-new product is specifically designed to repair, restore and protect damaged hair due to combing and mechanical damage. Leaves hair feeling smooth and healthy.

• With silk amino acids.
• For damaged hair.

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Faux Hawk

This haircut that takes a bit of commitment, but when you’re ready for a new chapter in your hair, this look will give you a makeover. What’s better than punk-chic? The faux hawk seems to be coming back in style, and alot of women are totally rocking it!

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Happy Birthday Savanna!

La Mode would like to wish our Sweet Savanna a very Happy Birthday! We hope your day consists of fun and granted birthday wishes. We love you! ? We are so glad to have you here at our salon.

Dani Moshos
La Mode Salon Murrieta