Hair Transformation

We can all admit that changes can be scary, however it can also be a beautiful thing, especially when it comes to your hair. Whether it is just a few inches off your length, a complete chop off, or even a color change, switching up your hairstyle is the easiest way to shake up your entire look ( or even attitude) New hair New me attitude. Trying something new can also boost your confidence.

Yes it may be scary, but the results can be amazing and even boost your confidence! So if you have been going back and forth on whether or not to make that change, just go ahead and give the salon a call and let us create your new look!

I’m a Clown Duh!

Halloween is one of those holidays that can either be exciting or a struggle. Finding the perfect costume that you want to wear can be a challenge. There are so many options and not enough time. Some people spend the whole year planning the perfect costume. Some people are last minute costume hunters that can not decide what they want to wear and how they want to do their costume make, which is understandable your mind is focused on other things. Well for our last minute costume hunters we have a costume idea for you thanks to our stylist Jodi.

Jodi is a makeup artist and a hairstylist; you can pretty much call her an entrepreneur. Thanks to her she has given us a costume idea for our clients and online readers that are the last minute Halloween costume planners. She has created a simple clown look that is real easy to do. When doing the clown makeup you do not need to go extreme for it and that is the beauty of this costume, you can do a Smokey eye or if you are feeling spontaneous you can incorporate different colors in your eye shadow or lipstick. Now for the hair, you can do your hair whichever way you would like whether it is straight or curly. La Mode Salon has many different products that will help define your hair and give your costume more character. If you are looking to do your hair just like the picture, here are a few products we recommend getting.

  • Sumowax: It is a strong hold hair crème and it will help keep the fly always down and give the look a polished look.
  • Unite Liquid volume or dust: This product will help give the hair volume and definition.
  • Bumble and Bumble Strong Finish Hairspray: This product will give the hair a strong hold and will help keep your hair intact.

Stop by if you need any of our products to help complete your final look and Happy Halloween to our clients and online readers!

Does Your Hair Need Protein or Moisture?

One thing any girl can relate to is struggling to find exactly what your hair needs when it comes to hair care. The biggest question is do I need more moisture or do I need to add protein into my hair? There are so many products out in the world that say how amazing they are and that we should buy them, but are they really good for your hair?

The biggest product that most companies are promoting is protein based treatments, but is it actually good for the hair like the companies promote? Yes and No it is good for certain hair types. For example, stringy, limp, or hair that sticks need more protein, which is where the protein based products will help, bring your hair back to life. If your hair becomes dry and feels dead at the ends it could be that your hair has a good protein balance and does not need anymore-additional protein in the hair.

If your hair is dry, damaged, tangled, and weak your hair needs more moisture. If you notice that your hair is fragile or it you do the strand test and notice that your hair stretches more than it should and breaks then you need to ditch the moisture and add protein. Both have benefits for the hair but always take a look at your hair and the problematic areas and that will help determine what exactly you would need to treat the problem areas.

If you still can not determine what your hair needs are just stop by our salon and we can help you determine what you would need and we have products that will help treat your hair and make it healthy!


Pastel Hair color has finally made it’s way back this year as the newest and coolest Hair trend. It seemed like everyone has it now a days. The subtle-ness of this trend makes these dream-like tones back to everyday life, not just for musical festivals anymore! Having medium to light hair makes pastels much easier to achieve, so pre-lighting the hair will often do the trick, however just be mindful that it might be a process before you get there. Pastels are all about placement. When the application is done correctly, even the most vivid colors can look believably amazing. A few of the most popular pastels are pastel blue, peach, rose gold, lavender, lilac, and mermaid blues. There are so many more colors to choose from, it all depends what you like and what you are comfortable with. Although pastels can fade pretty quickly and will have to be an upkeep, there are a few ways to make them last longer. You should wait 48-72 hours before shampooing after getting it done. Turn down the water temperature, and try adding a dry shampoo to your routine. The dry shampoo will keep your hair refreshed and clean without using water! So come on and give this new trend a try. You will have people looking at you for good reasons!

Layrite Matte Cream

The Layrite Matte Cream is a product that holds like wax but washes out like a gel. It is a light weight , water based shaping cream. It is very easy to apply and is perfect for those who are seeking a strong all-day hold. There is a subtle hint of mild vanilla as well so it not only holds well but it smells amazing as well. Guys with thicker hair can use it to achieve a flexible put together style. It also leaves your hair looking natural, not dry or flat! The best way to use it is to start out with just a dab of the product. It is literally like scooping out butter! So come on and give this product a try!

The Beauty of Oils and Primers

Your hair is the crown that you never take off. With that being said having healthy hair and taking care of your hair is a must when it comes to keep your crown shiny and beautiful. In order to keep your crown shiny and beautiful, it is best to invest in products that will help achieve that goal. Oils and Primers are the number one products that will either make or break your hair. Now for some people, they groan at the thought of an oil or primer going into their hair due to the fact that oils and primers make their hair feel “heavy and gross”. While that can be true it is also about the amount is distributed in the hair. Here are a few tips when it comes to using oils and primers:

OILS: A little goes a long way when it comes to oils. Use about 1-2 drops of the oil and rub the product in your hands to get the oil somewhat warm and distribute the oil in your hair. Try not to put the oil on your roots!

PRIMERS: When using primers, hold the product 6-8 inches away from the hair and spritz the product in your hair. Spray about 3-4 spritz and then distribute the product evenly through the hair and then style as normal.

With these product tips you should feel a huge difference in your hair!