2017 Hair
Happy New Year! 2017 is finally here and now is the time for all resolutions. It is he perfect time to change something in your hair! Some of the current trends that will transfer into the new year and be more popular than ever are: natural looking balayage, pastel fantasy tones, beachy waves, and top knot hair styles! One of the biggest trends and sought after color in 2016 was grey! The silver/lavender/white shade of blonde. The long process and high maintenance of this color didn't stop people from loving it! Men and women of many ages sought after this Icey toned hair color. In 2017 this color is still thought to be popular but changing just a bit! Trend forecasters predict a denim tone color will be the next "have to have" fantasy tone. Similar to silver or grey, denim tone is a fantasy unnatural color with an ash base. However, the denim tone is more blue. Just as the name, like blue jeans. It has the same blue Violet ashy base, but is darker and more blue than your average grey. It is predicted balayage/ombré will be created with both grey and denim tones!

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