Spring Styles

One of the most popular hair styles right now is beachy, effortless waves. Here at La mode Salon in Murrieta we have perfected the steps into creating long lasting beautiful waves. Loose, sexy waves can be a quick, at home style for you this spring as well.

It all begins with the products you use. Shampoo, conditioner and styling products all play a part in the way your hair moves and cooperates. Ask your stylists what shampoo and conditioner regimen work best for your specific needs. A heat protectant is also a must. Healthy hair is beautiful hair. If you want those effortless, natural looking waves your hair must be soft and healthy to flow “effortlessly”. One of our favorite products for beach looking curls is Unite Beach Day Texturizing spray. You can spray this on your hair damp, and scrunch in with hands then either air dry our diffuse. This spray has natural sea salt that will help create tousled looking waves. The beach day texturizer can also be sprayed on dry hair after curled with a curling iron to help separate curls and create a fuller looking style. It is an excellent product to use on day old curls as well to refresh the style.

To create these waves, a curling wand size 1 inch -1.5 inch width works very well. Curling section by section with small amounts of hair, is a good way to create a consistent style. Curling the sections of hairline around the face in a direction away from the face helps give a more tousled effect. After curling the entire head, spray your Unite Beach Day Texturizer and tousle the curls with your hands. Finish the style with Unite Max Control Strong Hold Hairspray. Come into our salon to purchase your Unite Styling products or create an appointment for how-to style hands on appointment.

The photos below show Stylist Assistant April, curling Rick Jamarillo’s client after color service. She is using a Hot Tools brand curling wand.

image002 (1)

Fifty – Shades – Of – Red

PastedGraphic-1One of spring 2016s trendiest hair colors is r e d. As the seasons change, it’s time our hair does too. Now is the time to try something refreshing and experiment with different shades of red. Our stylists here at La Mode hair salon in Murrieta are very knowledgeable in recommending and creating a unique shade that compliments your features and lifestyle. When creating a beautiful red shade, the possibilities are endless. Vibrant coppers, rich auburns, and natural looking strawberry blondes are going to be some of this springs most wanted colors. Warm, golden tones compliment the glow of the sun and create amazing shine. These shades are not only gorgeous as an all over color but look dimensional when paired together. Stars such as: Julianne Moore and Emma Stone are know for their glowing locks, so why cant you be? Schedule an appointment now at our Murrieta hair salon for a customized balayage or color service to make your hair dreams come true. Although, your existing hair color will determine the future steps in becoming a red head, it is possible to create many shades and levels of red. Our stylists would love to make your hair a radiant and shiny red tone. Different shades of red can highly accentuate ones facial features or compliment ones skin and change their look forever, however this color does require some essential products. Like any color, it will fade. To ensure longevity color safe shampoo and conditioner are recommended. Here at our hair salon we carry the finest Unite and Bumble and Bumble products that will guarantee longer lasting color. Here are some photos of different shades of red done by our stylists Travis and Jax.

Curly Hair Care at La Mode salon in Murrieta

IMG_0705Here at La Mode hair salon in Murrieta we use the finest products to ensure healthy and strong hair for all of our guests. Our staff is highly trained with all hair types and some of our stylists have advanced training in curly hair cutting. With our past years of experience and communication with clients we’ve learned that curly hair can be the most difficult and time consuming hair type for clients to style at home on their own. However, we have a solution to all of your hair troubles. It all starts with the products you use.

We use and sell Bumble and Bumble hair care in our Murrieta hair salon. The Bumble and Bumble BB Curl hair care line is an amazing line that creates frizz free, moisturized, luscious curls. The BB curl shampoo is a gentle wash and is free of alcohol, parabens, sulfates and phthalates. This will help with the dryness and lack of moisture curly hair can have. A mixture of Brazilian oils is used to help control curl and hydrate the hair. The BB curl conditioner is a great product that can be used in more than one way. It can be used as a rinse out conditioner, a leave in conditioner, or used as a co-wash to help style your hair wet, even if your hair doesn’t need to be shampooed. This 3-in-1 formula will help control your frizz, cure your dryness, and leave your hair softer than ever.

In addition to using the correct the shampoo and conditioner, our stylists can show you which product from our curl line can help control or enhance your style. We would love to help customize a daily hair routine for your hairs specific needs.

Come into our Murrieta salon for a product lesson and we would love to help end your hair troubles.