Demi Permanent vs. Permanent Haircolor

How long have you been coloring your hair? Is your hair virgin? Want to go back to your natural color? Want to try something new but not sure if you will like or want to commit to it? Ask your hairstylist about using a demi permanent color versus a permanent one. Permanent, which is obvious by the name, is haircolor that actually changes the chemistry of the hair and is, as the name states, permanent. While the color will fade over time, it will not go back to your natural color.

With demi permanent color, you can make a slight (or more drastic change) that won’t be permanent. It will usually fade within a couple of months and it doesn’t have a permanent change on your hair color. For example, if you are a blonde and want to see what you would look like as a red head or a brunette, your stylist can use a demi color and you can rest assured that weather you love the change or not, it will not harm your hair nor will it be a permanent change. It is a great way to slowly get into coloring your hair or transitioning into a different color family. Also, if you have been wanting to go back to your natural color, using demi a few times will be less damaging than permanent. Each client is different. If you are blonde and your natural color is brunette, your hairstylist can use the demi as a filler and then a permanent to achieve the exact shade.

Demi color is a great way to play with color without damaging and staying committed to the color you choose. Ask one of our hairstylists about using demi next time you get your hair done. Our consultations are always free and our stylist look forward to having you in their chair and helping you decide what color is best for you. Call either of our salons today, Menifee (951) 679-7276 or Murrieta (951) 600-1700

How Lighting Affects Your Haircolor

image1image2We hairstylists love when clients bring in a picture to show us the look they are going for. Weather it’s a color they like or a haircut, pictures help us tremendously. Here’s the catch, lighting. If the picture is taken outside, it is going to have a different tone than if it is taken inside. This is the same if the picture is taken indoors, in a bathroom, in the kitchen, or under a light in general. When you are telling your hairstylist about the color you are trying to achieve, make sure you mention anything you may not like about the color from the picture you are showing them.

Here, our stylist Trianna is transitioning her client from brown to blonde. It will take a few times to achieve the lightness her client desires. As you can tell from the picture below, inside it looks darker and more golden. When she takes a picture outside, it lightens the color and shows it to be more of a beige and honey combo.

In the other photo, you can see how a copper toner looks inside versus outside. I also tapped the phone in different areas which also affects the lighting in the picture.

So remember, lighting makes a difference! Communication is key to achieve the desired look. So get that picture and book your appointment today!