My hair has been so dry these last few weeks. As a hairdresser, I take very good care of my hair. I get trims every couple of months, I use the best hair products, I use thermal protection and I don’t blow dry or use hot tools very often. But my hair has been lacking moisture. Why? Many reasons. The weather is a big factor. Winter months make our hair dry and thirsty. I haven’t done one in a while and let me tell you, my hair feels amazing! I recommend them to my clients all the time and here I am not doing them on my own hair. Depending on the condition of your hair, there are a few different types of conditioning treatments you can have done. If your hair is damaged from bleach and over processing, you need a protein based conditioning treatment. If your hair is just lacking moisture, then you need a moisturizing mask, preferably with coconut, argan, and macadamia nut oils.

We have several different conditioning treatments we offer at both of our salons. Call your hairstylist and schedule an appointment to get the right treatment for your hair.

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Quick Ways to Change Your Look

You’ve had the same color for how long now? The same cut? Parted the same way since high school? You want a change but nothing drastic. You want a new look but nothing too crazy. Got it. I’ve put together a list of some quick easy ways to get a new look. Talk to your stylist about achieving a new look and run these ideas by him/her…their input will help you decide if any of these ideas are going to compliment your overall look and style.


Relax! We’re not talking Dora the Explorer bangs or super short Katy Perry ones either. Fringe/bangs can be long and sexy or short and sassy. If you already have bangs, grow them out some. Or style them differently (if they’re to one side now, flip them over) Bangs are a quick and easy way to change your look up a bit.


Are you a platinum blonde? Go for a different shade of blonde, maybe golden or strawberry. Are you a red head? Add some copper. If you are a brunette, what shade of brown are you now? Ash? Ask your stylist to add some gold tones to it and brighten it up a bit. Toner is a great way to give your haircolor a quick temporary change. Who knows, you may love it keep it for a while longer.


Want to do something different with your color but aren’t sure what? Or how much to do? Peek-a-boos are a fun way to add something different that isn’t always visible. Wear your hair up and they show, wear it down and you would never know they are there. Make them blonde, brown, red or purple. Have fun with it!


Clip ins are great because you can put them on whenever you are feeling adventurous or want a change and you can remove them when you are done. I prefer these over regular extensions because they are less damaging and as I mentioned, easy to put in and take out. Temporary. Again, you can get fun colors or match your color now but add length and fullness to your style. Have fun with them.

La Mode Salon has 2 locations to serve your hair needs.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

thanksgivingBehind the Scenes

You may already know how popular Bumble and Bumble is. They are used in about 85% of the runaway shows during New York fashion week. They are known around the world. Their top stylists and creators have been with the company for over 20 years. Here are 4 of their top ‘backstage” products and how they are used.


Prep is a foundation product. If you have very soft hair and need some texture, prep is the product for you. It creates an even canvas for your styling products filling in the holes in your hair’s cuticle. It is hydrating and detangling.


This multi purpose styling spray is great for achieving volume and for a soft blow dry with hold. The great thing about Bumble and Bumble products is that they are layering products, meaning that the more you use, the stronger the hold. However, if you feel you used too much product, use Prep to break it up.


Surf Spray was created during a photo shoot where they were trying to create a beachy wave look on the model. The hairstylist was using salt water to create the look. After the shoot, they went back to the Bumble and Bumble offices and started working on Surf Spray. It’s so easy to use, after spraying Prep (or Tonic) all over your hair, follow up with Surf Spray evenly throughout the hair. You can scrunch and defuse it, or let it air dry.


The first product they ever made (really). Brilliantine will give you a sleek, slept-in, sexy look. You can cocktail it with other products or use it on its own. Start with a small amount and build up from there. Apply to damp hair after Prep or Tonic. Apply a small amount on dry hair after styling for more shine.

Razor Cuts

image1Most of you are probably running for the hills right now. NO!!! Not the razor!!! Why? Because most likely at some point in your life, you have
had a terrible experience with a razor haircut. But hear me out. What if I told you that you could have a beautiful, airy, bouncy haircut with a razor? Thanks to our Bumble and Bumble education class from educator and stylist Nicholas, anyone from our La Mode team, can give you one.

Most of us already use a razor and are comfortable with it. We had a great refresher course and are so excited to use these new techniques on you. You would be surprised to know how many of those pictures you bring to us are haircuts done with a razor.

Check out the beautiful before and after shots of our model, Amanda. And call to schedule your razor haircut right now!!!

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