Hair Trends For Spring And Summer 2015

Goodbye bobs, a lines, and lobs!

Hello long, flowing, and soft waves!!

image2Time to grow out those bobs and lobs ladies. Long flowing hair is back with a vengeance! Not sure how to style your hair in those beachy waves? Follow these easy steps…

Spray dry hair with a thermal protecting spray (We recommend Bumble and Bumble Thickening hairspray on the roots and Bumble and Bumble Styling lotion on the mid shaft and ends)

Part hair down the middle and blow dry.

Once hair is dry, grab a 2 inch section of your hair and use your curling iron (1.5” or larger, depending on your hair length) to curl hair away from your face. Start at the mid shaft and curl your way down to the ends. The ends are the dryer part of your hair and need less heat. Always curl top to bottom, never ends to top.

Continue this all around your head till you reach the back. Then do the other side.

Finish the look off with a soft hold hairspray (Try Bumble and Bumble Does It All)

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Wella LuxeOil

Try Wella LuxeOil Smooth Keratin Protection Today

LuxeOilA conditioning treatment like no other.  Conditioning treatments are a great way to keep your hair healthy and shiny, but sometimes they can just make things a greasy mess. Not Wella LuxeOil! This conditioning treatment helps keep your hair moisturized and helps your color last longer.  We are pleased to offer Wella LuxeOil treatment at our salon and you can also purchase bottles for home use.  Our highly-trained stylists recommend weekly or biweekly conditioning treatments, depending on the condition of your hair.  Schedule a consultation with your La Mode Stylist in Murrieta today and ask for the Wella Conditioning Treatment.

What it is…

Wella’s LuxeOil Collection is scientifically formulated with a specialized Lightweight Transform Technology that targets damaged hair at the source, while protecting the keratin, and leaving a light and smooth feeling to the hair.  

Keratin Protect Shampoo

For the best lightweight, luxurious cleansing. Wella’s professional shampoo gently cleanses impurities while keratin and panthenol penetrate the hair to anchor water molecules with hair proteins for strength and hair reconstruction.

Keratin Boost Leave In Conditioning Spray

Infuses the hair to strengthen the keratin and leave the hair smooth and moisturized, amazingly without making hair greasy! Keratin Boost Leave-In Conditioning Spray provides the perfect foundation for styling and cutting.

Reconstructive Elixir

This special formula softens and revitalizes hair without weighing it down. For use on wet and dry hair for optimal nourishing and smoothening effect.

Light Oil Keratin Protection Spray

Hair oil that leaves fine hair nourished and radiant with a non-greasy finish, while protecting the keratin. 

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Koleston Perfect Innosense


picture-for-blog-1We all love glamorous hair colors, but sometimes the unnatural chemicals in the dye can cause irritating allergic reactions. If you’ve ever had a allergic reaction to hair color then this is absolutely the product for you.

KOLESTON PERFECT INNOSENSE is developed with a technology called ME+. ME+ still has the molecule part responsible for color vibrancy, lastingness, and coverage but has a modified shape to not fit the T cell receptors so easily. This way people who are susceptible to hair dye allergies are way less likely to have a reaction.

So next time you want a new look with beautiful vibrant hair color without a risk of an allergic reaction, ask your stylist about KOLESTON PERFECT INNOSENSE.

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Dangers Of Cheap Shampoo and Conditioners

shampoo-chemicalsDid you know you could be ruining your hair with dangerously cheap shampoo and conditioners? Most people assume all hair products are essentially the same, but they couldn’t be more wrong. The impact of dehydrating and harsh chemicals can cause lasting effects on your hair.

Here are some Chemicals to stay away from:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate:

These ingredients are toxic and known cancer-causing chemicals because of their refining process called Ethoxylation. Ethoxylation results in a byproduct called 1,4 dioxane—it’s not listed on the label, but that is the cancer-causing aspect of the ingredient. So, avoid any ingredients ending in ‘eth.’ Which means you want to avoid ammonium laureth sulfate. While it used to be found in almost every shampoo, when concerns were raised over the ingredient’s toxicity level, a lot of companies switched over to the ammonium versions—not that it’s much better.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine:

This is a common foaming agent found in most shampoos and body washes. Although its not toxic to your body, it is definitely an unnecessary additive.


This solvent or emulsifier helps to bind oil and water together, and is often used to dissolve in the fragrance or other oil additives. And while it’s predominantly found in conditioners, there are some shampoos that carry it, too. It’s damaging at a few levels- the reaction with the scalp (in haircare products) and the skin (in face and body products) since it often leaves a residue on the skin, disrupts the skin’s natural pH, and emulsifies lipids in the natural protective barrier.


The most common type of glycol is polyethylene glycol, and often listed as PEG. These are ethoxylated and are cancer-causing chemicals. It’s used as a solvent to incorporate products into a formula, and they’re extremely dangerous—they’re known carcinogens.


That smooth feeling you get when you run your hands through freshly conditioned hair? That’s amodimethicone, a silicone-based polymer used to seal in moisture. Dimethicones and silicones are occlusive, meaning they don’t allow something to breathe—they seal in moisture and seal out everything else. Avoid dimethicones and silicones when possible because the scalp needs to breathe. Sealing the scalp could lead to thinning of the hair. However, on the hair follicle, it can protect it from heat and provide shine. Instead look for natural oils like jojoba, argan, rose hip, sweet almond, olive oil or shea butter.

Behentrimonium Chloride:

This chemical is commonly used as a preservative to cleanse and kill bacteria in hair. However it can cause unwanted irritation because of its aggressive qualities. This alone is often not the sole preservative—most formulators use a combination of preservatives, each with its own particular function or bacteria to attack. If you’re concerned, though, look for products with dehydroacetic acid and benzyl alcohol instead.

These are just a few hazardous chemicals to stay away from because they can strip the essential oil and nutrient from your hair while also clogging pores with toxic chemicals.

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