Jennifer Lawrence – Pixie Cut

Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Who Inspired Her Pixie Cut

jennifer_lawIf you’ve been enjoying the spectacle of Hollywood’s award shows lately you probably know that Jennifer Lawrence has a new hair style, the pixie cut. What you may not know is who inspired her to decide on this bold new look. None other than actress, humanitarian, and former fashion mode Mia Farrow.

Now this is just one small story of how the pixie cut has found its way back into the common American vocabulary once again. There’s certainly no denying it’s one of the most in demand hairstyles to start off 2014.

With that in mind La Mode Salon’s stylist have taken it upon themselves to execute this style with flair and grace. If you’re thinking about changing things up for the new year don’t make
the mistake of not coming to the experts at La Mode Salon.

Woven Braid

Sex up your Basic braid by weaving in a scarf. Choose the one that’s long and narrow. Chiffon stays better than silk, but if you do silk, mist it with water first. then wrap the scarf around your head like a headband and knot it at the nape. The ends of the scarf need to be sightly longer than your hair. Divide the the hair into three sections, two smaller ones on the out side and a large one in the middle. Holding the ends of the scarf with the two outside sections, braid tightly. Double knot the scarf and ends, and you’re good to go.